[ct-user] FW: CTWin V9.87 on air results.

Jose M. Valdes R. YV5LIX yv5lix at cantv.net
Tue Mar 4 22:26:05 EST 2003

Hi all, I hope that you all did well, and I know that K1TTT and KC1XX
had a great score, congratulations.

Here is the result of on the air results of CTWin v9.87.

The software performed just great for SOSB HP 20 meters operation on the
DX side, all the functions that were used worked as expected and no a
single major problem was detected.

The software was started at 20:00 UTC Friday and it was on until 00:45
UTC Monday and it never hanged, and a total of 1987 QSOs were made.


	The score was kept correctly, so the bug present in the previous
	versions was not present.

	Same as above.


	The J-COM Ventriloquist worked without problems as in the
	previous DOS versions using LPT2.


	The time still has a small bug and about 3 times in every minute
	it stopped for about 5 seconds and them is updated correctly by
	the dos emulation routine, some times at the end of the minute
	it runs about 10 seconds behind before updating.


	In this computer was extremely fast.


	The telnet feature was not used during the contest, but it was
	tested the night before by connecting to K1TTT and other nodes
	and it id worked flawlessly.


	These features worked flawlessly.


	These features worked flawlessly.

Minor problems:

	1.- While changing the color of the main log the area were the
	time is shown will remain color "3" and will not match the rest
	of the screen.

	2.- As indicated in a previous message the windows can not be
	relocated as in the DOS versions, this problems seems to be
	caused by the inability of CT to detect the MOUSE driver in use
      by windows, as this is the way it works under DOS, CT detects the
      MOUSE driver and enable the windows positioning feature. This is
	frustrating since under DOS I use to have CT in -VGA (50 lines) 
	mode so I can have several windows open without been one on top
	of the others, so I hope this could be fixed in future versions.

Hardware/Software used:

	Windows XP Professional Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 1 
	Compilation 2600, INTEL Pentium III 800 (512k L1), 1 GB RAM,
	Ultra ATAS 100 HDD and NVIDEA TNT64 video card.

73/DX Joe, YV5LIX


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