[ct-user] Paddle intout to the computer

Bud Hippisley, K2KIR k2kir at telenet.net
Mon Mar 17 09:57:52 EST 2003

At 11:48 AM 2003-03-16, OK1RI wrote:
>Hi Ken,
>it would be very good, and the speed should be the same in order to transmit the same as from the computer.
>It is the main reason why it would be.

I often _deliberately_ set the external keyer speed to be slower than the CT keying speed for those situations when the other station is having trouble correctly receiving my call or exchange.  I use a combination of sending slowly and exaggerated spacing -- something I find much easier to do in the middle of the night with the external paddle than with the keyboard.  So I certainly would like to see a "speed slave" software switch.

And while you're at it, Ken, how about at least one NON-iambic mode (Ultimatic, dash-override, K2POO, e.g.) for the keyer?

Bud, K2KIR

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