[ct-user] Network Question Win + DOS

Dave Hawes dave.n3rd at comcast.net
Sun Mar 30 19:59:38 EST 2003

I am planning to set up a hybrid network as follows:

Computer 1 - Win98SE running CTWin connected to the 'net
Computers 2-5 - DOS running CT for DOS (some late v9)

In the current setup, Computers 2-5 run NETTSR and Computer 2 
connects to an AK1A PacketCluster node via a serial port using a null 
modem cable.  The AK1A node acts like a TNC and Computer 2 is set 
up in the CT TNC menu as "COM".

In the proposed setup, Computer 1 will not be a logging computer, but 
will run CTWin and connect to the the internet using CTWins built-in 
telnet client.  Computer 1 and 2 will communicate via serial ports/null 
modem cable.  The "SETUP" menu in each will configure the 
appropriate serial port as "NETWORK."  This part has been tested, 
and is working fine.

Now the question:  Computer 2, running DOS, will be the first 
computer in the 10BaseT thin-wire network.  In its SETUP menu, do I 
configure two "NETWORK" serial ports, like this:

COM1	57600		NETWORK	(Connecting to Computer 1)
COM4	1200		NETWORK  (As required for NETTSR)

When we had a daisy chained serial network (non-LOOP), we used to 
have two serial ports designated as NETWORK, and they truly were.  
But since we went to NETTSR, we've not been faced with having a 
mixture of one "real" network connection (to Computer 1) and one 
quasi-network connection (COM4 for NETTSR).  So, asked in another 
way, can be mix the two types if "NETWORK" on the same machine?

I'd test it myself, but I ran out of computers!  Hopefully somebody has 
gotten this to work, as a M/M with an internet feed is not all that 
uncommon these days.

Thanks, de Dave N3RD

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