[ct-user] CT 7.81 WPX M/S

Carl - WC4H wc4h at itis.net
Mon Mar 31 09:13:49 EST 2003

It's up to version 9.88 so you are probably missing quite a bit by not


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> did anyone else have a problem with CT changing Q numbers for no reason on
> the RUN station? We were at about 500 Qs on one band when all of the
> it started numbering Q's around the low 100's...it happened twice in 48
> hours...luckily we noticed it quickly...lost about 8 or so Q's....stopped
> the contest, entered our call in the bad numbered Q's and ran
> "fix_mine"....problem went away....came back one more time...only lost 1 Q
> the second time it happened...I guess I should have loaded the new
> version...this wasn't the same version we used last year for the WPX M/S.
> Charlie NF4A/9A5PC
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