[ct-user] Finding Six Banders?

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Saw that problem too at WP2Z. We would be running on 2 stations. All of a
sudden the times would be highlighted on both PC's. We hadn't even changed
frequency. Then on the hour, the times would no longer be highlighted. Then
all of a sudden they would be highlighted again. Stopped paying attention to
We used 9.91.002. It didn't crash.
N2TK (WP2Z), Tony

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Subject: [ct-user] Finding Six Banders?

What is the easiest way to find all of the
calls that were worked on all six bands?

BTW, we used 991.001 at VP5B in multi-2 and
it worked very well.  The only problem we
experienced was the time going red (indicating
a band change violation) when we had made
absolutely NO band changes at all. Run1 and Run2
were correctly set.  It happened maybe 4 times
during the contest, and reset itself to normal
at the top of the hour.

Thanks for any suggestions on finding six-banders.

-Kirk  K4RO
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