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Fri Nov 14 11:28:17 EST 2003

Hi, Randy,

I am not a CT guru, but I think this is the right answer.  Its taken from the

Character mode version of CT for Windows
CTWIN 9.91.003 - version 9.91.003
Some of the support DLL's have changed and the install should work now. The TELNET
tnc connection now resets so you can log off one node, then log on to another. Please
do a complete uninstall to get rid of the old DLLs before installing this version.

It didn't take significantly longer for me to copy that from the URL:


than to say "its in the FAQ".  

I try to give helpful answers rather than 'smart' ones.  I know you do as well.



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> Two questions before SS this weekend, say that's tomorrow.
> Is it necessary to uninstall CTWin to install a new version?  
> Is version 9.91.003 on the   http://www.k1ea.com/
>  website?   I can find 9.91.002 but not 9.91.003.
> Thanks, Randy
> w6sw at jps.net   
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Roger Rehr

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