[ct-user] CT9.92 with TenTec Orion Support

Ken Wolff ken at k1ea.com
Sun Nov 23 11:01:13 EST 2003

This should be the final release before the CQWW CW weekend. The changes involve the PTT function and addition of the TenTec Orion.

By the way, I liked using the Orion better than I thought I would. I ran some Europeans on Saturday in the LZ contest and found it very easy to get used to. Also, programming CT to interface it was very easy, which I appreciate very much.

* PTT now works with paddle sending. You should not need to turn on your vox 
on CW. The important text commands are: 

PTTDELAY - set the delay from ptt to first keydown in milliseconds. A good 
number is 20 for most amps

PTTHANG - set the time the ptt stays asserted after you stop sending. This is 
in baud (dot times). A good number to start with is 5. This is the equivalent 
of vox delay on your radio.

* The repeat function in CW finally works properly again. If you are in repeat 
mode and press F1 (or anything else) while the waiting for the next CQ to 
start, it starts right away. This has been broken for a while.

* The TenTec Orion is now supported. 

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