[ct-user] Again on casual words and CT crashes

IZ4EFN Alessio iz4efn at libero.it
Fri Oct 10 17:34:29 EDT 2003

Maybe this time works also aon the reflector...sorry for multiple e-mails!

Hi guys,

I wrote some weeks ago about our CT WIN problem.
It related with CPUspeed limit (and RAM size) for appropiate networking.

Another problem was experienced with "casual, fast, letters writing in ALT+G
window" which made our CTWIN crash.

A couple of you answered, suggesting BIOS limit and reporting that it also
happend with CT under DOS.

Last nigth IK4VET played with the latest CT WIN (on ethernet networking)
version and discovered the following.

1. Writing casually and fast in the logging field (call field) it has NO

2. Writing casually and fast in a ALT+G, ALT+D, ALT+E windows it sometimes

But that's not all.
He also plugged a US keyboard, and a ITALIAN one and made some other test in
ALT+G, ALT+D, ALT+E windows.

Well, with the US one it NEVER crashes, with the italian one it doesn't
crash if you are typing letters, numbers and the symbol >,<, +, / etc...(all
symbol presdent ALSO in the US keyboard).

As soon as , with the Italian keyboard, you type another, tipical "latin"
letter, (such as ò, à, è, é, ù, ì) it crashes immediatly.

We supposed that these windows have a different "accepted ASCII sybols", and
that closes the program whenever an unknow letter is typed.

Anyone else experienced this? I believe it's a relevant problem for, at
least, Italian, French, Spanish, Hungarian, etc.

He also discovered that after this kind of crash you DON'T have to reboot
the system if using WIN2000, but that's necessary on WIN98 if you wanna go
on logging.

What do you guys think/experienced?



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