[ct-user] RE: Page fault

Tony Kazmakites tony.kazmakites at verizon.net
Wed Oct 15 13:40:33 EDT 2003

One additional item with the CT failure. The failure only occurs if I am
hooked up to 2M packet.
Any suggestions?
N2TK, Tony

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From: N2TK, Tony [mailto:tony.kaz at verizon.net]
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Subject: Page fault

I  am  using the new version of CT Win 9.91.001
Using 2 computers in a network.
I get a windows failure on one or the other computer in this network  from
time to time.
I have to reboot the computer that has this failure to be able to run ctwin
The failure says  "Illegal operation. CT win caused invalid page fault in
ctwin.exe at

Other than this problem the software seems to be pretty stable.

Any ideas ?

N2TK, Tony

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