[ct-user] CT squeek

HENRY PFIZENMAYER pfizenmayer at worldnet.att.net
Fri Oct 17 20:14:43 EDT 2003

I have 9.90.007 on my Dell 7500 Laptop and the cw monitor sidetone sounds
fine ..

On my desktop ,a Dell 4500 , I have 9.89.003 because I don't use this for
controlling the rig but the cw sidetone sounds like a dead or dying flea ...
The program / computer is trying to use the little modem speaker for the
sidetone rather than any of the sound card stuff .. anybody know how to get
that changed over to the regular audio system ???? I have the latest updates
I can install but I think this is some fundamental (probably bone head
simple) change I need to make ... Incidentally I had the same problem with
an HP pavilion desktop and W98 .. never fixed that either.

OH , the laptop is W98se and the desktop is XP Home.

Thanks .>> Hank K7HP

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