[ct-user] Help needed changing bad times

Chuck Chandler chchandler at adelphia.net
Mon Oct 27 13:15:26 EST 2003

Hello to the list -

I am a sort-of new user of CT, having gotten back into ham radio after
leaving it for several years to go back to school.  I just finished the CQ
WW SB, my second or third contest in ten years and my first time using CT
since a trial copy of CT 5 or 6, way back when.

Saturday morning my PC decided Daylight Savings Time should end a day early,
so I have about 20 QSO's in the log with times in the 10AM UTC hour that
should be 11AM UTC.  I caught the error, so changing the times will not
change the order of QSO's, just make the whole log right.

I tried using Alt-F to enter the times, without luck.  It let me type the
new values in the Alt-F window but when I hit Enter the log entry didn't

So, I waited until the contest was over, re-started CT and typed POSTCONTEST
in the call field and tried Alt-F again.  Same result, except instead of the
current date and time in the Alt-F window I got Jan1 of some past year.

So, I went to the website and downloaded the latest version (uninstalled the
old one first) and tried again.  Still can't change the times.

I've read through the manual a few times, searched the list archives and I
am pretty sure I am missing something basic.  Can someone explain how to do
this step by step so I can see what I am missing?

Or, since the new times will not change the sequence of the QSO's, can
someone reassure me that CQ WW does not require times?  In which case I can
just submit the darned thing and pay more attention the next time!

73 de Chuck, WS1L
Chuck and Stacie Chandler
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