[ct-user] 9.91 crash after 1 hr

Carl Herrera - WC4H wc4h at itis.net
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Not to be a naysayer, but Windows 9x just does not cut it with these multi
functional programs.  It does not handle memory well, it does not handle
tcp/ip well.  I ran N1MM this contest to be able to use the sound card for
voice (I don't have DVP).  One PC on XP the other on 98.  The 98 had several
lockups.  While the program itself has some known issues with multi user
environment, the XP PC held it's own rather well.


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>We have experienced crashes with 9.91.001 but after upgrade to 9.91.002
>everything was just fine. Maybe the crash is somehow related to the

We experienced numerous problems with CTWIN 9.91.002 at W3MF,
operating with an IC-765 and a Windows 98SE computer (1.7 GHz).
The program locked up AT LEAST a half dozen times during the contest.
Packet spotting with Alt-F3 would often put a bogus QSX frequency
in the report that it would not let us edit out.  Edit time of QSO
with Alt-F does not work -- it brings up the window, but doesn't
change the log.  Keyboard entry of frequency often required several
attempts before changing the radio.  Towards the end of the contest,
the multiplier window with Alt-M only occupied about the lower
two-thirds of the window, so we could only see a fraction of the
band-countries worked/needed.  Rebooting did not fix this.

Before the contest, I tried the CW paddle feature and found that
REVPADDLE is still not working for any of the keyer choices.

I guess I should back off a couple versions before the CW weekend.

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