[ct-user] Finding Six Banders?

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Wed Oct 29 15:36:49 EST 2003

Excel rules, dude...

Open up your cabrillo log file with Excel... it will first tell you it 
is not an Excel document and it will ask your help in assigning the 
tabular information to the data - you can move the tabs left to night by 
clicking your mouse on them and dragging it - note you can also delete a 
tab line by double clicking....make those lines where they do not split 
up a grouping of log information (i.e. make sure that you have


and not

    |  5|9  |

once you have them set up and hit "finish" the log will be columnarized, 
right click up on the top on the one one of the column edges and it will 
make the columns all just wide enough to accommodate the longest piece 
of information in that field - it will be pretty....

And there it is - the column which has the callsigns is your "target" 
for further manipulation...

Select sort from the menu bar above and sort by that column's letter... 
all the QSOs in your log will be sorted by callsign...you can have a 
further subsort when you select so once it groups by callsign it can 
then either sort by time or mebbe by frequency...

Start with one of your older logs, try importing it and learning the 
buttons to click on - remember to save it someplace else with save AS 
some other name ("revA" or somesuch), and you will be fine...

If you wanna get really bold, you can use a logic function to check if 
the callsign in the cell up 5 from the current cell to the left has the 
same info in it (i.e. you have six lines in a row that have the same 
callsign) and if true have it type "SIXER".... then you can save that 
file as a different name IN TEXT FORMAT (NOT WORKBOOK) and sort it by 
the column that sixer is in.... voila - all your six band QSOd stations 
will be grouped together... that same sort could then be second sorted 
by callsign and you will get a callbook order output of your six banders...

The alphabetic sort is nice for QSLing duties... you can sort your log 
by callsign for when the QSLs hit...instead of jumping around the log 
you can find all your QSOs with that station together in one spot.

This can be really interesting stuff... you can also sort your log by 
zone received... that makes for some interesting info!  How many zone 25 
QSOs, etc...  Or you can count the number of times you changed bands... 
or you can... you get the point.

A WRTC winner taught me most of these tricks a few years back, typical 
cutting edge stuff - same guy kicks by butt on the pool table and I have 
long since stopped trying to find ways to compete with him - hell, he 
even picked the FL Marlins months ago...

As for that band violation stuff - if you know you are ok I would not 
worry about it - seems that stuff always creeps in from the logging 
software... don't think your log will be branded because of it - if the 
times support that you were within the letter fuhgetaboutit.

Will you ever operate a DX contest from home again, now that is the hard 
question you will have to answer!


Jim, K4OJ

K4RO Kirk Pickering wrote:

> What is the easiest way to find all of the
> calls that were worked on all six bands?
> BTW, we used 991.001 at VP5B in multi-2 and 
> it worked very well.  The only problem we
> experienced was the time going red (indicating
> a band change violation) when we had made 
> absolutely NO band changes at all. Run1 and Run2 
> were correctly set.  It happened maybe 4 times 
> during the contest, and reset itself to normal 
> at the top of the hour.
> Thanks for any suggestions on finding six-banders.
> -Kirk  K4RO
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