[ct-user] CTWIN Version 9.91

Guenter S. Hamacher contadora at gmx.de
Thu Oct 30 04:14:57 EST 2003

Experiece as Multi/Single of 3 Ops during the CQWWSSB with
CTWIN 9.91.
Network so far OK but:
During 8.500 contacts, the CTWIN 9.91-Program crashes on all 
of our four PC,s and in intervalls of one or two hours and one
after the other but never together.
Result : The program showed perfect up but all rediofrequencies
where gon because of CTWIN changes the radio allways in another 
spot as the radio was before.

The runningstation had to look where he was before in a nice
pilup with 330 contacts p/h. Not so nice when we where =fighting= 
for each of our 14.5 million points.
Bandchanges without any entrances.....changing back to the same
freq. like before.........red marks on this Band for 10 minutes.

All other modes like Single Log or DX-Pedition....perfect and not
one crach during weeks and 15.000 contacts on ALL Bands, only with
Network and Cluster-connection.

73, de HP1XVH with the call HP1LR in the CQWW.

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