[ct-user] What does ctrl-L actually DO?

Doug Roberts g0wmw at arrl.net
Thu Oct 30 21:15:17 EST 2003

Hi folks,

We used CT-Win 9.91.001 in M/S and suffered the hourly crash problem.  Also
managed to get 'fat fingers' with point & shoot which meant several calls
were logged when no contact took place.  We marked these with ctrl-L, but
they all turned up in the Cabrillo output - with no obvious marking to show
they were bad.  To be safe, I edited them out of the log with 'owncall' and
FIX_MINE, then re-ran WRITECAB.  That should be OK for CQWW, but not for a
serial no. contest.   Entering 'owncall' results in it being counted once
per band before being flagged as a dupe, messing up the claimed score, so
what's the 'official' procedure?

Thanks / 73,
Doug G0WMW
(G6PZ Contest Group)


If there's one thing I can't stand, it's INTOLERANCE!

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