[ct-user] CT Radio Interfaces

John DeRuiter wm7a at msn.com
Thu Sep 4 20:24:45 EDT 2003

I am a new user of CT and am having some problems.

1.)  I can control the frequency of my ICOM 756 from CT, but CT does not
automatically sense the band the radio is on.  It appears that it does not
poll the 756 to get the freq/band info.  Is there some way that I can fix

2.)  I have a com port from my computer to my IC756 that uses the RTS line
to control PTT, the DTR line to control the CW keying and the TXD line to
control the FSK input. My problem is that my transmitter is keyed on
constantly after doing any of the following:  pressing the ESC key,
pressing cntrl-C,  sending a CW message.  It appears that the RTS line is
being set and then left that way. The only way I have found to turn off PTT
(RTS) is to exit CT and close the DOS window.  Is there a way to fix this
without removing the interface to the RTS line?

John DeRuiter, WM7A
98 TJ  http://groups.msn.com/JDsPage/jdspage.msnw

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