[ct-user] ByteRunner Dual PCI card and CT/TR in DOS works!

Mark Bailey kd4d at comcast.net
Sun Feb 8 16:32:02 EST 2004

Good afternoon:

I spent quite a while yesterday fiddling with a ByteRunner dual PCI
serial card.  The good news is that it works fine with both CT and
TRLog under DOS, using the VSEMUIO program provided
by ByteRunner to "fake out" the COM addresses and IRQ's.

I put COM3 on IRQ 3 and COM4 on IRQ10.   I have to start
COMTSR4 with the -i10 argument.

The only problem I had is that VSEMUIO insists that the IRQ
address be in Hexadecimal (A) in its configuration file.  I
had typed in "10".  That didn't provide any error messages,
but CT hung up when I tried to access the serial port.

TRLog didn't care since it doesn't use COMTSR or IRQ's.

So, the ByteRunner Dual PCI card DOES work under DOS
with TR and CT, but remember to set the IRQ codes for
VSEMUIO in HEX, not decimal.  I presume the Quad
card would work just as well, but it requires a special
cable (aka dongle) and I hate those...

The computer is now successfully configured with an internal
TNC on COM2, two radio control on COM3 and COM4 and
TWO DVP's.  :-)  Waiting for the next contest to try it all
out under combat conditions.


Mark, KD4D

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