[ct-user] CT10.00.001 MS WPX

Ted Demopoulos kt1v at demop.com
Mon Feb 9 09:27:50 EST 2004

Although I don't remember the details, I ran into a similar issue with a 
M/S for WPX about  2 years ago. What I found was the powers that be 
didn't really care as long as a consistent numbering scheme was used - 
one serial number or two serial number sequences.

I'd ask CQ - not sure who is charge of WPX now, I sort of remember a 
change occurring??

Ted KT1V

g3rir demon wrote:

>On looking at the WPX rules for Multi One (same as mult-single?) I
>discover that a multiplier station should use a serial number sequence
>separate from the run station. CT (10.0 I am testing) appears to use the
>same serial number sequence for the mult station as that used by the run
>Can anyone bring any light on this, please
>Neil, G3RIR (one of the ops of M2A)
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