[ct-user] C2A ADI file issue

R Johnson k1vu at tmlp.com
Mon Feb 9 18:13:07 EST 2004

Thanks for the Heads Up.

I'm not sure that the problem is with C2A, it may be a CT problem.

I just checked some of my other ADI files created with C2A V3.0a and they
all seem OK so far. (NAQP and JAN VHF SS)

I just checked my Sprint files from CT V10.00.004 and found:
-.SUM file missing contest data
-.MUL file is empty
-.ALL file is missing

In addition I filed a couple of "Bug Reports" for CT V10.00.004 and NA Sprint.
One was for ALT-Z working at all and ALT-M not toggling.

Maybe AD1C is looking at this problem.

Bob, K1VU

At 11:04 2/8/2004 , NX9T at aol.com wrote:
>Following the sprint contest I attempted to use the C2A utility to produce an 
>ADI file for log import into my main database(dx4win).  Everything works ok 
>EXCEPT the BAND is converted down one level...in other words...contacts made 
>and logged on 40m convert to 80, 20m contacts convert to 40, and 80m contacts 
>covert to 160.  I used version 10 and the most recent C2A.  
>Anyone have any ideas of what I am doing wrong or if this is a general issue. 
>  I have never run in to this before and have used CT for years and converted 
>many, many logs w/ C2A.  Wondering if it's due to the recent inclusion of the 
>jeff NX9T
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