[ct-user] How do you make CTwin full screen?

N2TK tony.kaz at verizon.net
Sat Feb 21 11:13:58 EST 2004

Since I upgraded my laptop from WIN98SE to WIN 2000 PRO I have been having
trouble getting a full screen with CTWIN. I ran CMD and made the changes
below. What I get is a full screen but CTWIN occupies only the upper half of
the screen. The width is fine. The lower half and around all sides of the CT
window is black.

Also, was there something a while back that needs to be done to send CW form
the LPT port with Win 2000 PRO?
Trying to get things together for my trip to WP2Z in a couple of days.
N2TK, Tony

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hello here is the answer to all ur problems!
WIN2K and XP have default screen lines 300 u must change it to 80 for dos
box programs!
RUN CMD.exe go to properties, klick to full screen option, after that on the
next menu change 300 lines value to 80 lines per 25... save changes to this
and all windows who run in dos box!

73 de 9a5aei Patrick

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