[ct-user] How do you make CTwin full screen?

N2TK tony.kaz at verizon.net
Sat Feb 21 13:32:29 EST 2004

All Alt-Enter does is change the background. One way I see the desktop
around the CTWIN window. The other way I see black around the same size
CTWIN Window.

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At 2/21/2004 11:13 AM, N2TK wrote:

>Since I upgraded my laptop from WIN98SE to WIN 2000 PRO I have been having
>trouble getting a full screen with CTWIN. I ran CMD and made the changes
>below. What I get is a full screen but CTWIN occupies only the upper half
>the screen. The width is fine. The lower half and around all sides of the
>window is black.
>Also, was there something a while back that needs to be done to send CW
>the LPT port with Win 2000 PRO?
>Trying to get things together for my trip to WP2Z in a couple of days.
>N2TK, Tony
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>hello here is the answer to all ur problems!
>WIN2K and XP have default screen lines 300 u must change it to 80 for dos
>box programs!
>RUN CMD.exe go to properties, klick to full screen option, after that on
>next menu change 300 lines value to 80 lines per 25... save changes to this
>and all windows who run in dos box!
>73 de 9a5aei Patrick
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