[ct-user] Multiple packet links in CT

Noel Chenavard nc at lem.com
Mon Feb 23 17:15:28 EST 2004

Hi Mike,
Yes, this works if your setup is correct.
You can have two distant stations (sites) interconnected with CT Network
using serial ports and TNC's.

Fisrt, you need to (re-)read your TNC manuals, and setup to obtain a
**transparent** connection
between the 2 sites.
The radio link must be VERY good, and you need to fine tune your TNC
settings. i.e retry 0 etc...

In CT configuration, the serial ports associated with transparent TNC's are
set as "Network".
On the remote site, TNC will be set as "Remote" for cluster access.

The main site can have a packet cluster connection, via Internet or AX25.
Both stations will have their log synchronised, and can see/send spots on
the cluster, and can chat with Alt-G.

* the full TNC+HF link must be very reliable otherwise you might loose some
* Internet cluster speaks too much and can overload the TNC link...

73 de Noel F6BGC - F8KCF

nc at lem dot com

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Hello everybody,

My name is Mike, YO3CTK. I am in the planning stage for a multi-multi site
and I could certainly use some guidance from this list.

Plan is to use a packet link to connect to a 2m packet node nearby and from
there on to Dx-Cluster in order to have access to DX spots. I intend to use
a second packet link on 70cm in order to connect to a second operating
position in the vicinity, but out of reach for a serial or Ethernet
connection. I have never tried such network. Now I have several questions:

1. Will it work in the setup described?
2. Has somebody already tried a similar setup?
3. If yes to questions above, the second station will also see the spots in
addition to log synchronization?
4. Caveats?

We are using here the last DOS version of CT (not sure about the version

Thank you in advance for any help.

73 de Mike, YO3CTK

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