[ct-user] How do you make CTwin full screen? ... step by step windoze 2K and XP setup

Patrick 9A5AEI patrick at rkp.ice.hr
Mon Feb 23 20:52:37 EST 2004

Hello, on my pages u can find how to setup CTwin in full window mode, 80*25
lines and 80*50 lines or -vga switch!
Here are the links:

GL guys :) , 73 de Patrick - 9A5AEI / 9A7P contest team also WWYC member!

p.s. alt-enter sometimes help, sometimes not!

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> Found my cw problem. Somehow I had turned off "autodetect" on the K2.Now I
> can send from the bencher paddles and the keyboard.
> By adding -vga to the startup I can get full screen after hitting
> The screen occupies almost the entire screen except for a small black area
> around the CT window. The only problem is I don't like the font. It is no
> way as easy to read as the startup screen. With the start-up screen I
> with the properties box in regards to font and layout. I just can't seem
> get a full screen like I can by hitting alt-enter.
> So, is there a way to change the font when you hit alt-enter to get a full
> screen? I am having the identical problem on both WIN 2000 PRO pc's - a
> laptop and a desktop.
> Tnx
> N2TK, Tony
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