[ct-user] CT Clock

Steve Lund k6um at comcast.net
Tue Feb 24 13:01:57 EST 2004

VO1MP wrote:
> end of the contest  was outta sync with regular UTC  on the computer....
> wonder if this is  something new ... have  never experienced this before
> Time on Computer  when not running CT  is   correct  while in CT  was about an hour
> fast towards the end.  any known reason or fix   for same   ?

I think this is the bug I reported last year after Field Day. With
CT-DOS 9.90 on a 386sx
running DOS 6.22, I experienced significant slow down of the PC clock.

Here is Ken's response:

I completely re-wrote the interrupt handler for the counter timer chip
order to support CW sending from the paddle. The old scheme set up the
counter timer to interrupt at each baud interval. The new interval 
interrupts every millisecond.

I don't think I'll ever get around to investigating 386SX in this

This would agree with my experience that earlier versions of CT-DOS 9.x
didn't have
clock slow down problems. I've never bothered to see if it affects 486.
and CTWin have always shown the correct time on my P90 computers, even
when CT-DOS is
run under Win98SE. 

Steve K6UM

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