[ct-user] Changes to CT web site - suggestions needed

Jim Reisert AD1C jjreisert at alum.mit.edu
Mon Mar 8 14:24:03 EST 2004

Hi Gang,

I want to re-organize the CT web site a little.  I think it's confusing to find
files and I have some ideas on how to fix this.  In addition, I don't think I
cleaned up all the places were information was duplicated, like the CT9 release
notes which were on the protected "CT vault" page as well as in the CT9 support
files area.  For example, if you go to the CT9 Support Files page, the
RELEASE9.TXT file there only goes up to CT 9.85, while on the download page
it's at CT 9.92.

My plan is to create two new top-level links:

  - Program Files
  - Data Files

"Program Files" is where you go to download CT. By default, you will go to the
CT10 page, but there will be links at the top of that page to take you to older
versions, like CT9, CT8 etc.  I'm not yet sure what to do about Simulators,
TSRs and Utilities.  Do I put links to these on the top of the page, or create
a new place in the web page for them?

"Data files" is where you go to download country files, section files, master
callsign database files.  Should the link take you directly to Country Files
page (since that's the one you most likely want to go to), with links across
the top to the other files?  Or should there be an intermediate page?

What should the home page (www.k1ea.com) look like?  There is a lot of
duplication on this page, between the body text, the links on the left and the
links across the top. Do I keep the existing set of other top-level pages, or
pull them together somehow:

  What's New
  Screen Shots
  User Comments
  Bug Report
  Hints and Kinks

Maybe these links go along the left, and the "Program Files / Data Files etc."
links go across the top????  Do some of the links above move to the top as
well, like Cabrillo and/or ADIF?

Any suggestions gladly taken.  I'm not trying to make this beautiful or
state-of-the-art, just trying to make it more functional and easier to

73 - Jim AD1C

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