[ct-user] Voice keyer

Patrick 9A5AEI patrick at rkp.ice.hr
Mon Mar 15 07:30:25 EST 2004

Hello, here is something new for CTwin...
pse test the software and send him the comments!
73 de Patrick 9A5AEI

Subject: [WWYC] Voice Keyer upgrade

> Hello Guys!
> A new version of my freeware voice keyer is out. The new 
> homepage isn't up yet but will be finished any day.
> The new version of the voice keyer supports that function of having 
> a keyboard hook. That means that you can run the software in the 
> background and still be able to play messages. Superb if you are 
> using for example CT for windows.
> I haven't had much time to bug test it so please send me 
> information if something messes up.

> //Mike (SM3WMV // SM3W)

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