[ct-user] CTWin and FT100

i121171 i121171 at 425dxn.org
Sun Mar 28 14:41:48 EST 2004

No way..
I am using DXPed mode and mixed mode.
I tried the 9.92.001 version.. but nothing changes.
I can change bands ALT+F1 F2 but no modes. It remains on CW mode!
Something more to suggest ?? I suppose this is due to the CAT codes of the FT100.
73 Maury

At 23.16 27/03/2004, Doug Roberts wrote:
>When you start CT and go through the CT set-up pages, make sure you select
>either dxpedition mode, or a contest that supports mixed mode operating.
>Also make sure to select 'mixed mode'.  Whenever I have had the
>'no-change-modes' problem (but with older versions of CT), it has always
>been due to my set-ups :-(
>Hope this helps!
>73, Doug G0WMW
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>Hi guys
>no way to solve the bug of CTWin connected to FT100 ? It changes bands but
>not modes. It remains on CW and no way to change on SSB mode.
>3 weeks to the expedition and no news.
>73 Maury
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