[ct-user] Unable to change bands: CT-DOS 10.01.003

Steve Rawlings steve at alg.demon.co.uk
Thu May 20 02:16:54 EDT 2004

Hi All,

I've just set up a contest, WPX style, and find that I can't change bands 
using Alt+F1, or Alt+F2 - the log is stuck on 20m.  I've tried re-defining 
the contest and setting NoRadio without success.

I've had trouble with either Alt+F1 _or_ Alt+F2 in the past, but that, at 
the time, I could still change bands using the combination that was still 
working.  Now I've lost both functions!  Any ideas what this might be?

I'm using an old Toshiba laptop running DOS5 and CT-DOS 10.01.003

Regards to all,
Steve GW4ALG

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