[ct-user] R2B10 not working

Mark Marsden MM at plextek.co.uk
Thu May 20 09:10:07 EDT 2004

Hi Jim, Ken & group

I'm having problems with R2B10.EXE. The version of CT is 10.01.003 and the OS is WinXP.  When R2B10.EXE runs it puts up a message mentioning "R2B9".  It produces an empty BIN file.  If it's run again after that it produces a bigger, but broken, BIN file. 
I have a log where the BIN files have been inadvertantly overwritten, all I have to work with is the RES file. I'm trying to produces ADI files from the RES files. Any help would be most welcome.

73 Mark G4AXX

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