[ct-user] CTDOS and CTWIN

K4FJ at aol.com K4FJ at aol.com
Sun May 30 16:21:46 EDT 2004

I have been playing with CTDOS on my new Dell 600M in anticipation of using  
it this fall for some Caribbean contesting.  The computer uses Win XP and I  
am running CT under the Command Prompt.
First of all, if I enter SOUND in the entry window so I can have a sidetone  
during the play period, I find that the sound is garbled.  I have noticed  
exactly the same problem on my Dell desktop which also runs Win XP.  I  haven't 
checked, but I think the actual keying is OK.  While this is not an  urgent 
problem, I am curious if the garble can be eliminated.  When I run  CTWIN, the 
sidetone sound is perfect on either computer.
When I run CTWIN on the desktop, the display (CRT) is OK but not full  
screen.  It is fully usable.  But, on the laptop (LCD) display it is  quite small 
and Alt-Enter does not improve it.  Nor does -L, or -vga.   Is everyone using 
CTWIN on a laptop living with this or am I screwing up  somewhere along the 
line?  I can live with it but I don't like it because I  am old and my eyes are 
original equipment.
I am still playing with CTDOS but not being able to completely shell out of  
Win XP and run under pure DOS really sucks.  Another MS "feature".  I  may 
have to resort to partitioning the hard drive, but I am far from smart (no  
wirehead here!) in that arena.
Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.
73, Steve

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