[ct-user] CT Win networking??

Ed Parish K1EP k1ep at arrl.net
Mon Nov 1 11:29:50 EST 2004

With the recent postings about CTWIN with W2K and XP, I did a little testing.  I have an XP and a W2K machine set up on my network with CTWIN 10.01.01.  I invoked CT with the -enet switch.  I was able to log from one machine to the other and send gab messages.  However, I did notice that if I had the W3K machine set as station 1, that it gave me a message, Fail to open LPT1.  I don't use the LPT port for anything, so it was a mystery.  It then did not bring up the network setup window.  If I set the machine to any other station (that didn't conflict with the other machine), I didn't get that message and the network setup window came up.  So, I would avoid using station 1 until that mystery can be solved.

At 11/1/2004 05:47 AM, Hamad 9K2HN wrote:
>     I need help networking two ctwin (latest version) in win2k
>machines, I started the program with -enet and it didn't work.... Can
>some one point me what to do step by step.
>Thank you
>de 9k2hn
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