[ct-user] callout window

Ken Wolff ken at k1ea.com
Tue Nov 2 14:06:36 EST 2004


I fixed this during the daylight hours over the weekend. (I was one of the 40 meter ops at KC1XX)

I tried to e-mail it to you, but it bounced because your ISP didn't like my IP address. Do you have n7mal at arrl.net or n7mal at contesting.com? That should work. Sometime this week I will put a release package up on K1EA.com.

- Ken

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> From: "N7MAL" <n7mal at citlink.net>
> To: ct-user at contesting.com
> Date: Sat, Oct-30-2004 5:34 PM
> Subject: [ct-user] callout window
> If I had a gun I would shoot that window. Why doesn't colorsave work 
> for that window...???... Colorsave saves the border color and the title 
> color but no other color scheme. As a result every time I restart CT I 
> had to reset those colors. AND, of course, next weekend I'll complain 
> about the check partial windows behaving the same way. This, by the way, 
> is not my first, second, or third complaint about this 'feature'.
> My reason for complaining/whining about this problem is because I'm 
> legally blind. I need color contrasts otherwise with light backgrounds the 
> text disappears.
> MAL              N7MAL
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