[ct-user] Total Time ON?

ROBERT LIDDY k8bl at ameritech.net
Mon Nov 8 15:24:24 EST 2004

Tnx for the info!
I never knew about the OFFTHRESH Command.  It looks like the default in
my CT Version 9.66.013 is 10 Minutes.  I changed it to 30 Minutes after the
Contest and it actually changed my ON/OFF times from 19.7/8.4 to 20.9/7.2.
It has never been a problem for me (that I know of) since I can no longer do
the entire 24 stint.  Wish there was a 12 hour category for us older guys - hihi.
Now, I'm wondering what happens if I try to go back ON before the 30 Minutes
are up?  Will it let me make Q's?  I don't ever actually type ON or OFF during
the Contest knowing I'll never come close to op'ing for 24 hours any more.  Maybe
I should, just to be safe?  In the old days with paper logs and dupe sheets, I
would always write ON and OFF on my Log in the proper places.  Sure is a lot
easier with computer logging!!
73,  Bob K8BL
P.S.  Maybe more of us should read the instruction book - yeah, right!

Ed Parish K1EP <k1ep at arrl.net> wrote:
At 11/8/2004 12:33 PM, ROBERT LIDDY wrote:
>While the program is running, hit Alt-R. The Rate Box shows your cumulative
>ON & OFF Times. You can add it to your Summary Sheet with a wordprocessor
>if you are sending that sheet to someone. For the Contest HQ, they will figure
>out the actual times from your Cabrillo submission data.

While this is true, be aware of a couple of details. That time in the rate window is "programmable". You can set the threshold with the parameter OFFTHRESH. For SS, you definitely want to change it. It is the off threshold in minutes, so you want to change it to 29 or 30, I forget. Remember, your off time must be at least 30 minutes. So if you have a QSO at 2200 and the next QSO is at 2230, you have only taken 29 minutes off according to the ARRL. 

>73/GL, Bob K8BL
>wo2n wrote:
>Hello, Question, when you finish a contest like SSCW, Where do you find your 
>total time logged in the contest?
>Thanks, Bernie/WO2N.> 
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