[ct-user] Any interest in Bootable MS-DOS CD's?

kd4d at comcast.net kd4d at comcast.net
Mon Nov 15 09:50:06 EST 2004

Good day, all:

As part of my efforts to learn how to dual-boot DOS and Windows
XP, I have figured out how to create bootable DOS CD's under

This would be necessary to install DOS on a computer without
a floppy drive, for instance.  You could also load DOS and either
CT or TR on the CD and run the whole contest.  The difficulty here
is finding somewhere to write the log file other than memory.
A USB stick might work, or a hard disk partition of a type other
than NTFS.  There are two different variants:  one also loads
a CD driver and can have hundreds of MegaBytes of read-only
files;  the other is restricted to 1.44 (or 2.88 MBytes) but
doesn't require loading the CD-ROM drivers.  This frees up more
low memory and improves performance.

This would also be great for demonstrations or testing of
different configurations.

I can write up the procedure if there is any interest and a
volunteer or two to be the guinea pig.  Let me know.

Thanks and 73,

Mark, KD4D

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