[ct-user] Call KG4USK crashed CT-WIN

Alan C. Zack k7acz at cox.net
Wed Nov 24 21:37:08 EST 2004

A KG4 with two letters in the suffix is supposed to be GITMO 
(Guantanamo Bay Cuba)  But the FCC, in a dumb move, issued KG4 calls 
with a single letter or with 3 letters in the suffix to stateside, US 
CONUS, hams.  No wonder CT is confused, I am too.  DUMB, FCC!!!  Any 
KG4 should be GITMO, period.

HP1XVH-Guenter S. Hamacher PCC-Panama wrote:
> Hi Ken,
> we are just in preparation for the CQWW on Contadora Island with our special
> call 3E1A.
> Today in a pile up I was called by a station KG4USK. When we put the call in
> the logentry 
> and pressed space ore enter key, CT-Win crashed. This was on 2 different
> computern at 
> the same and also with 2 different CT-WIN versions.(10.01.005 and 10.01.008)
> This pure OM we where unable to log.
> Just for information and please try it.
> See you all in the CQWW on 20 Meter this weekend.
> DJ7AA Wil and HP1XVH- (now HP1XX) Gunter.


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