[ct-user] Call KG4USK crashed CT-WIN

Ken Brown ken.d.brown at verizon.net
Thu Nov 25 15:22:20 EST 2004

Alan C. Zack wrote:

> A KG4 with two letters in the suffix is supposed to be GITMO 
> (Guantanamo Bay Cuba)  But the FCC, in a dumb move, issued KG4 calls 
> with a single letter or with 3 letters in the suffix to stateside, US 
> CONUS, hams.  No wonder CT is confused, I am too.  DUMB, FCC!!!  Any 
> KG4 should be GITMO, period.

Hi Alan,

This is not the first time the FCC has done something like this. 
Callsigns starting with AH7K, KH7K, NH7K, and WH7K are reserved for Kure 
Island. However in 2000, I found that AH7K and WH7K were issued to 
Hawaii addressed hams. The conclusion I made was that the prefix rule 
for Kure Island only applied to 2X2 and 2X3 callsigns, and that 2X1 
calls could be issued to Hawaii addressees. So I applied for the vanity 
callsign KH7K for our club. In a few weeks KH7K was issued to us and I 
used that callsign in one of the 160 CW contests (either 2000 ARRL or 
2001 CQ, I don't remember) Soon thereafter the FCC wrote me a letter 
saying that KH7K could not be issued to ANYONE, because there is no post 
office on Kure Island, and that our second vanity callsign choice would 
be issued to us. AH7K and WH7K were also cancelled and other callsigns 
issued to those licensees, who had had those calls for months or even 
years (but presumably did not operate HF, and therefore did not incite 
complaints from HF DXers who apparently complained to the FCC about 
KH7K) So now our club has about 900 QSL cards remaining from the 1000 
card purchase we made, before the callsign was yanked. It would seem to 
me that in order that the FCC apply it's rules equally to all, the 2X1 
and 2X3 KG4 callsigns that are not Guantanamo Bay licensees should all 
be revoked, or our club's KH7K callsign should be reinstated.

DE N6KB, trustee of Kaumana Wireless Society club license, formerly KH7K

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