[ct-user] Re: ADIF County conversion program for contest logs

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Fri Oct 8 10:00:55 EDT 2004

Hi Jim,
On a similar subject, I have written a program called ADIFLookup that 
reads an ADIF file, queries QRZ.com for information and add the info 
from QRZ.com to the ADIF file.
It is typically used when exporting a contest log into a general logging 
The program is quite stable and is being used by a number of people on 
the N1MMLogger and Logger32 reflectors.
This program may be of use to some of you.

It is written in Visual Basic 6.0 and if someone wants to add features, 
the source code is free if you promise to send me your improvements.

Get the program from http://www.ko4bb.com

Didier KO4BB

Jim Reisert AD1C wrote:

> I have written the first version (0.1) of a program to convert county 
> abbreviations in contest logs into valid ADIF format.  The program 
> reads and writes ADIF files only.  It supports the TX and CA QSO 
> parties, and only supports Writelog (<CNTY:>) and NA (<comment:>) 
> formats at this time.
> You can try it by going to:
>     http://www.ad1c.com/dx4win/
> and following the link at the top of the page.
> This program should work in both DOS and Windows.  If your ADIF 
> received county field is not supported, send me your .ADIF file as an 
> attachment and I'll add support for it.
> If you want any other QSO parties supported, let me know. It's not 
> much work to add them.
> Note: I have not tried this program with mixed counties and states 
> (i.e. CAQP from CA side).  Try it and see.  County lines are NOT 
> supported yet (i.e. IL, IN QSO parties).  That should not be too 
> difficult to add if there is interest.
> 73 - Jim AD1C
> p.s. Feel free to cross-post this announcement to the various logging 
> reflectors (DXlab, DXbase, etc.).
>      I have already posted it to DX4WIN.

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