[ct-user] Deleting QSO's

Ed Parish K1EP k1ep at arrl.net
Tue Oct 26 19:49:01 EDT 2004

At 10/26/2004 07:32 PM, Tim Duffy K3LR wrote:
>HI Roger!
>There are a few ways. We always change those qsos that you want to delete to
>K3LR (your callsign) and then run    fix_mine  after words which deletes all of
>the K3LRs.
>So if you enter your call for the test qsos, you will be all set.

That is one way.  FAQ #11 says:

How do I remove all the QSOs from my log? 

Sometimes people will log QSOs while “warming up” for a contest. It's best to start the contest with a clean log, so no QSOs or multipliers are missed. Exit CT, then use the TRUNC_BI command at the DOS command line to remove the QSOs from your log:

TRUNC_BI <log>[.BIN]

>Tim K3LR
>Roger Huntley wrote:
>> I can not remember how you delete testing QSO's on a file and still keep the
>> file for use in the contest.  Prior to a contest, and especially if you are
>> doing a mult operation and have them networked together and you enter some
>> test QSO's just to be sure the network is operating OK I can not remember
>> how you delete the QSO's so you can use the file during the contest  without
>> starting up a new file.
>> Tnx,
>> Roger, W7VV
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