[ct-user] W9XT Card fixed in late versions of DOS CT9

Endorf Family mendorf at isd.net
Fri Apr 29 22:40:40 EDT 2005

I have found that my W9XT card stops functioning in more recent versions
than that. (i.e. 10.xx) Any reason?
I currently am running several versions of CT earlier than current, just to
make W9XT work. Very inconvenient. I live with it, and then run a 9to10
program to make a clean log file creation.
If W9XT doesn't work after 9.xx, then please acknowledge/publish that fact.


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I found that my W9XT card would not work when running the DOS version
of ct9.92.  The problem with the W9XT DVP card not working in late
versions of CT9 (i.e, CT9.92) can be fixed by running the LPT1INIT.EXE
utility in the bootup batch file.  I guess it's the same issue as the
one that affects the K1EA DVP boards. Of course, LPT1 must be selected
for running the W9XT card.
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