[ct-user] How do send CW to an Orion?

Mon Dec 5 18:18:31 EST 2005

I'm not sure I understand you comments about the FT100MP(mkv). I have the computer/CT plugged into the front panel jack and my keyer plugged into the rear jack for manual sending. What am I doing wrong,,,,,it works fine here..??.. I don't want stuff working if it's not supposed to......

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  > Rear is 1/8" stereo, Front is 1/4" stereo....  They are in parallel  Tip is
  > "Dit" ring is "Dah" Sleeve is ground.

  Thanks again.  Sounds like the Orion has the same problem the Yaesu has -- you
  can't use paddles connected to the radio and CT to key the radio at the same

  Who thinks up this nonsense?  At least my ICOM 756 got this right.

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