[ct-user] CT Win question

Ed K1EP k1ep.list at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 13:08:16 EST 2005

Do you have the MP and the computer setup for the correct baud rate?  Typically 4800,N2 for a Yaesu.  They require 2 stop bits.  Does the radio talk back to CT?  If you turn the dial, does the frequency appear in the bandmap (ALT-,) or the frequency window (ALT-J)?  Are you in the VFO mode for the MP?  If you are in memory mode, I don't think it will work either.

At 12/7/2005 12:53 PM, Don Richards wrote:
>In using the current version of CT Win I seem to have a problem in that 
>my FT-1000MP Mark V does not go to the band I have selected when using 
>CT Win for contesting in the coming 10 meter contest.  I have checked 
>all parameters  in the CT Win setup  but the FT-1000 does not 
>automatically go to the software-stipulated stipulated band.  Does this 
>have anything to do with using CT Win in mono-band contests in versus 
>multi-band contests?   W7UPF
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