[ct-user] How do send CW to an Orion?

Joe Wilkowski k8fc at k8fc.com
Fri Dec 9 13:40:33 EST 2005

I wish these other postings had been in my box to begin with, as I probably 
would not have given my two cents worth on the keying jack.  In any event, I 
have to wholeheartedly agree with Bill's message below.  The internal keyer 
in the MP is a bit awkward to use and the small knob pot seems to be 
logarithmic and not linear so small increments translate to large jumps.  In 
any event, an external keyer (any of dozens) connected in parallel as 
mentioned earlier, provide much more convenience and functionality than the 
internal keyer.  I leave a paddle hooked up to the ring,tip and sleeve 
because it provides a handy way to key the rig for tuning purposes when the 
internal keyer is not selected.

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> K1EP:
> >The point here was that you can't use an external keyet (CT in this
> case) and the internal keyer at the same time on the MP without 
> manipulating
> menus.
>         Ed, I haven't ever used an internal rig
> keyer...too awkward to adjust speed with that
> tiny MP knob and inflexible for memories.  The
> manufacturers could omit them as far as I'm
> concerned.  I think the real point was to have
> both computer and manual keying available, which
> both Orion and the MP can do handily.
>                                         73,  Bill  W4ZV
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