[ct-user] CW keying

K4FJ@aol.com K4FJ at aol.com
Wed Dec 14 16:26:54 EST 2005

In the 10M contest I noticed my cw seemed choppy (light weighting) and I am  
curious why.  I don't recall this before.  I am using the latest  CTWin, Win 
98SE, and the computer is a P2/350 with little else running, if  anything.  I 
did not use rig control or packet--CT was just logging and  providing CW 
directly to the FT-1000D via a W1GEE interface.
I have asked a few locals if they noticed it, but I know it was  there.
This AM, I tried my WriteLog, using the same computer, and the W5XD Keyer  
and keying was great.
Any thoughts are appreciated.
73, Steve, K4FJ

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