[ct-user] CW keying

Hank Kohl K8DD k8dd at arrl.net
Wed Dec 14 17:09:43 EST 2005

Ed K1EP wrote:
> At 12/14/2005 04:26 PM, K4FJ at aol.com wrote:
>> In the 10M contest I noticed my cw seemed choppy (light weighting) and I am  
>> curious why.  I don't recall this before.  I am using the latest  CTWin, Win 
>> 98SE, and the computer is a P2/350 with little else running, if  anything.  I 
>> did not use rig control or packet--CT was just logging and  providing CW 
>> directly to the FT-1000D via a W1GEE interface.
>> I have asked a few locals if they noticed it, but I know it was  there.
>> This AM, I tried my WriteLog, using the same computer, and the W5XD Keyer  
>> and keying was great.
> You apparently are comparing apples to oranges.  I am not familiar with the W5XD or W1GEE keyers, but since CTWin doesn't support external keyers and WL doesn't support LPT keying (I believe) you are talking about two different things.  Keying via the LPT port under windows will produce choppy CW unless your processor speed is fast and nothing else is running.  WL doesn't send CW directly, it sends code to a keyer that produces the CW.  Each character will be perfectly formed that way, although there might be delays between characters, if they aren't send to the keyer at the right time.
True, you have apples & oranges if WLog is running with the W5XD keyer 
or the K1EL WinKeyer ....
However W5XD's program will send via the parallel port, although it will 
not support a paddle via the parallel port.
I have not noticed any problem with CTWin's sending using 98SE or Win2K 
And haven't seen any problems with WLog's sending from the LPT port 
either - just don't like that program!
73    Hank    K8DD

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