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The interface cannot interject spaces and pauses into the CW, it is just a transistor switch, turned on and off by the computer port.  The interfaces I use are all designed and built by myself.  They work fine for DxBase, Writelog, N1MM, CTWin, CTDos, and various other programs.  I ran CTWin for SS CW using a P4 3GHz laptop running XP.  Nothing else was running, except Icom radio control.  The CW was not smooth.  There were pauses in the CW, no dits or dots were missing, just timing was erratic, which is consistent with running under windows.  RF was also not a factor as the erratic timing can be reproduced without actually transmitting.   I also run CW at 30 to 34wpm, which makes timing more critical.  

At 12/14/2005 06:26 PM, you wrote:
>Ed I really hate to disagree with your comments but unfortunately I do. You said: ""unless your processor speed is fast and nothing else is running.""
>I presently have a P4 running XP. When I'm running CTWIN I also have Outlook Express running checking mail every 20 minutes. I always have GeoClock running, network program, and my packet software is running whether I'm connected or not. I have never had 'choppy' CW keying an FT1000MP via the LPT port. Prior to this computer I had a P2 running 98SE and all the other software. Off the top of my gray-matter I would suggest trying another interface. Back in the 80's I had an xsistor go bad in my interface. It was the last place I looked because it was to easy to blame the computer.
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>>In the 10M contest I noticed my cw seemed choppy (light weighting) and I am  
>>curious why.  I don't recall this before.  I am using the latest  CTWin, Win 
>>98SE, and the computer is a P2/350 with little else running, if  anything.  I 
>>did not use rig control or packet--CT was just logging and  providing CW 
>>directly to the FT-1000D via a W1GEE interface.
>>I have asked a few locals if they noticed it, but I know it was  there.
>>This AM, I tried my WriteLog, using the same computer, and the W5XD Keyer  
>>and keying was great.
>You apparently are comparing apples to oranges.  I am not familiar with the W5XD or W1GEE keyers, but since CTWin doesn't support external keyers and WL doesn't support LPT keying (I believe) you are talking about two different things.  Keying via the LPT port under windows will produce choppy CW unless your processor speed is fast and nothing else is running.  WL doesn't send CW directly, it sends code to a keyer that produces the CW.  Each character will be perfectly formed that way, although there might be delays between characters, if they aren't send to the keyer at the right time.
>>Any thoughts are appreciated.
>>73, Steve, K4FJ
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