[ct-user] CW keying

Bob Schreibmaier k3ph at ptd.net
Thu Dec 15 09:53:33 EST 2005

We have a Celeron 1.7 GHz with Win98SE using LPT1
for keying.  I've heard a recording of my signal
at LZ1ABC and I think the keying sounds choppy.
Beyond that, there are some occasions when what is
being sent sounds like the computer is drunk!  :-)


VE3DZ wrote:
> I have same problem on PII 266 with W98SE using LPT for keying.
> Yuri  VE3DZ
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>>The interface cannot interject spaces and pauses into the CW, it is just a
> transistor switch, turned on and off by the computer port.  The interfaces I
> use are all designed and built by myself.  They work fine for DxBase,
> Writelog, N1MM, CTWin, CTDos, and various other programs.  I ran CTWin for
> SS CW using a P4 3GHz laptop running XP.  Nothing else was running, except
> Icom radio control.  The CW was not smooth.  There were pauses in the CW, no
> dits or dots were missing, just timing was erratic, which is consistent with
> running under windows.  RF was also not a factor as the erratic timing can
> be reproduced without actually transmitting.   I also run CW at 30 to 34wpm,
> which makes timing more critical.
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