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Thu Dec 15 19:31:16 EST 2005

John you are 100% on the money. Ed, K1EP, gave a perfect description of something running in the background taking over the system momentarily then giving the system back to CTWIN. Anyone who is using WINXP can type Ctrl+Alt+Del one time(not twice) and a window will pop-up showing the status of the system. When the window pops up click on processes. Be careful if you have a weak heart because there is a lot of shtuff running in the background in WINXP, much more than there ever was with WIN98. Each users environment is different so what works for me may not work for you. The best thing is to experiment in between contests and try to determine what your computer needs and doesn't need to function properly. 

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  I don't doubt the reports that I am reading but I suspect that the
  problems that you are experiencing are due to other programs running
  on your computers and not so much CTWin's fault. These might be
  programs that you are aware of, programs that you forgot about
  (virus scanning), and also processes that you don't know about.
  There are many computer savvy hams on this reflector so I'm sure
  they can suggest methods of monitoring the number of processing
  running on Win98 computers. I know that AdWare displays this while
  it's scanning for adware.

  Now, to set the low water mark in this discussion, during CQWW CW
  one of our computers was a 166 MHz Win98SE laptop with CTWin
  10.02.005. We had radio control and Ethernet networking enabled on
  this Toshiba Tecra 740 laptop. With over 8200 QSO's in the log,
  there were delays when keys were pressed to send CW but the CW was
  not choppy or gapped. This laptop was used to make more than half
  the QSO's in the contest. 

  I don't recommend using a computer this slow with CTWin but it
  demonstrates what is possible.

  k3ct at verizon.net

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  We have a Celeron 1.7 GHz with Win98SE using LPT1
  for keying.  I've heard a recording of my signal
  at LZ1ABC and I think the keying sounds choppy.
  Beyond that, there are some occasions when what is
  being sent sounds like the computer is drunk!  :-)


  VE3DZ wrote:
  > I have same problem on PII 266 with W98SE using LPT for keying.
  > Yuri  VE3DZ

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