[ct-user] help with DXTelnet and DOS

Vesselin Kotarov V.Kotarov at cnsys.bg
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NULL modem cable is the same as crossover cable. The main difference is
that "NULL modem cable" is serial cable that connects 2 PCs back to back
and "crossover cable" does the same thing but through Ethernet, not
serial port.


Did you set up the routes between both connections in WintelnetX?
Are you starting comtsrX for the proper COM port?
Setting TNC as "COM" should work just fine.

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>     I have followed the instructions for DXTelnet, running it on a
> computer through Windows, null modem adaptor on the DB9 cable, com
port set
> up etc, and it's running OK on the Windows computer but no luck
getting spots
> to show up on the DOS computer.  Is there anything I have overlooked
that is
> not in the instructions ?  I have tried "TNC Remote"  "TNC Com", 9600
N 8 1

Hi Stu,

It's *NOT* a null modem cable.  You need a cross-over cable, one that
TxD of "A" to RxD of "B" and vice-versa.

73 - Jim AD1C

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