[ct-user] Lockups and Band change problems

John Meyer jmeyer at ticon.net
Thu Feb 24 11:20:03 EST 2005

In trying to set up CT 10.02.003 in my desktop (800 mHz machine) and laptop
(70 mhz) I've run into two different problems:


1)       On the main computer DOS CT locks up during setup of the
Information Sheet after 18-24 keystrokes (it varies).  I have to use Windows
to close the program.


2)       On my laptop, setup goes OK, but when I try to enter calls, no
matter what band I've set up, when I hit enter CT logs it as 20M.  


I was hoping to use CT for the ARRL contest, but maybe I'll have to go back
to the version I used to use - 9.36.  That worked well for me even on
DXpedition with my 70 mHz laptop.


Any ideas?


73, John



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