[ct-user] IARU Contest log bug

Hamad 9K2HN 9k2hn at 9k2hn.com
Mon Jul 11 01:32:35 EDT 2005

The same problem here at 9K9HQ all contact shows are needed mult and
when you press enter you will come to know it wasn't mult!!

de 9k2hn


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> Subject: Re: [ct-user] IARU Contest log bug
> From: Hank Kohl K8DD <k8dd at arrl.net>
> Date: Mon, July 11, 2005 3:33 am
> To: Alan Zack <k7acz at cox.net>
> Cc: CT-User <ct-user at contesting.com>
> CTWin 10.02.something did the same thing with *NEEDED MULT*
> but it does give the DUPE message when you type in a call
> and hit space.  At least that's the way it worked here on a
> Win98SE box.
> 73    Hank    K8DD
> Alan Zack wrote:
> >Wonder if anyone else noted this using CTWin 9.92.001 during this weekend's IARU 
> >Contest.
> >CTWin was used for logging only, no network, PACKET, rig control, etc.
> >Problem seen was when logging contacts every new good contact was noted as 
> >*NEEDED MULT*, regardless if it was a new mult or not.  But more serious, there 
> >is no warning if a DUPE is to be logged.  You type in the call, hit TAB or SPACE 
> >BAR, but no DUPE message is shown.  You only know it is a DUPE after you hit 
> >enter.  I used the CHECK PARTIAL function to check for DUPES.  Check Partial was 
> >the only indication that a DUPE was about to be logged.  I tried it on two 
> >different PC's, same problem.  It is not a problem with logging the CQWWDX, 
> >ARRLDX, or WPX, only with IARU.
> >  
> >
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